Being a natural perfumer is a dream come true. In the early 1990’s, I learned aromatherapy and amassed an special collection of essential oils, some quite rare. The power of aromatics to effect change, transformation and healing was a revelation: astounding and humbling. It was the beginning of learning that olfaction is a sensory process, opening pathways to other realms of consciousness. At the time, I’d no idea one could create perfumes purely from plant extractions. 

A special experience & evanescent beauty rendered with exquisite aromatics  are the hallmarks of Tender Flower perfumes. Natural perfumes blossom slowly, over time on the skin, much in the way of plants opening and flowering in stages, never revealing all at once. Mostly I’m drawn to the fresh breath of flowers and landscape aromas as inspiration.

Flower, leaf, seed, and root tinctures, resins, essential oils, floral waters, concretes, enfleurage extracts & absolutes comprise the scent substance. Many of these aromatics are organically sourced, obtained from artisanal growers around the world, in countries where the plants grow best for the highest quality distillations. Some are grown and extracted in-house from the Tender Flower lush, unfettered Biodynamic gardens.

Application:When applying perfume, dab lightly on wrists, instead of rubbing, which destroys the top notes. Perfume last longest when applied to décolleté, neck, and crooks of elbows.Samples:All perfumes are available in  glass, .25 ml sample dabber vials The sample purchase price may be credited to purchase of a full size perfume of that sample. Please note the sample vials pictured are 1 ml, therefore your vials will not be full.


Limited Edition/Seasonal

Autumn Hedgerow



Rose Mouillé