Created out of both a need and wish, Tender Flower offers practical, yet luxurious non-toxic beauty and wellness products. 

Ingredients include: organic, local, Biodynamic and non-sprayed. All are of the highest quality. About 85% of the herbs and flowers are grown in the Biodynamically cultivated Tender Flower gardens.

Biodynamics is a way of including all of nature and the cosmic rhythms in its methods and preparations, thereby re-vitalizing the soil and nature.

An artisanal business, Tender Flower produces in small batches, by hand, with utmost care and reverance for nature, as well concern for your best health and joy!

Donna La Pré, founder of Tender Flower, is a Biodynamic gardener, with a nearly 30 year tutelage in healing, aromatherapy, herbalism, homeopathy and flower essences. She is also an artist and teaches. Everything she makes is involved with plants!

Please Note: At this time it is not possible to ship through the site outside the U.S. However, if you live in Europe or elsewhere, it is possible to contact me via email with  a request of products desired. Then I can give you a postal quote, and invoice your total through Paypal. Thanks for understanding that some of the way I do business happens outside the box!