Created out of both a need and wish, Tender Flower offers practical, yet luxurious non-toxic beauty and wellness products. 

Ingredients include: organic, local, Biodynamic and non-sprayed. All are of the highest quality. Many of the herbs and flowers are grown in the Biodynamically cultivated Tender Flower gardens.

Biodynamics is a way of including all of nature and the cosmic rhythms in its methods and preparations, thereby re-vitalizing the soil and nature.

An artisanal business, Tender Flower produces in small batches, by hand, with utmost care and a reverance for nature.

Donna La Pré, founder of Tender Flower, is a Biodynamic gardener, with a nearly 30 year tutelage in healing, aromatherapy, herbalism, homeopathy and flower essences. She is also an artist and teaches. Everything she makes is involved with plants!