Lost in Scent Space ~ Part 2

Lost in Scent Space ~Part 2 Smelling, really smelling consciously, takes time. Time to explore the layers, nuances and meaning of an odor demands not only length, but particular qualitative time that allows focus, expansiveness, heightening one sense, while subduing others. Throughout one’s life in scent, thoughtful intimacy with each material in the organ is […]

Lost In Scent Space ~ Part One

Lost In Scent-Space Making perfume often feels a circuitous process at best. We have an idea, or are attracted to a material and want to showcase or position it, and lo, the olfactory ramble begins. Occasionally when I have an idea, “writing” a composition’s structure comes quickly and easily. However, mostly it begins with something […]

My Secret Cake Recipe

My Secret Cake Recipe Over the years, IG followers have been captivated with occasional posts of my aromatic cakes. As a wee holiday present to all of you, I’m sharing this recipe, given to me eons ago in France, memorized, tweaked a little, shared with less than a handful of people. The wondrous thing about […]