The Heart of Nature: Connecting, Listening and Making With Plants,

A Series

Core Class (Pre-Requisite for all asterisked topical classes below)

Sunday, March 22, 9:00- 4:00 with an hour lunch break


    Plants work effortlessly in community. Why can’t we? Well, we’re not plants, however we can learn deep, expansive lessons from what they demonstrate in nature’s wisdom. We can also learn to connect more earnestly with each other, through plants.

     Through immersion in careful observational, participatory & meditative exercises, we’ll spend the day developing our capacities to really see, sense and “hear” nature beginning with the physical, then moving into the supra sensible realm.

  This class will be unlike anything you have taken before. It draws on my thirty years of living a life with plants, working to understand deep secrets of nature, of being, and  following the rhythms of the year in order to create regenerative gardens, medicines, dyes, skincare, perfumes and more. Biodynamic practices, Permaculture,  wonder & empathy for nature will be woven throughout each class. Taking this class will open a doorway to experience life and the world around you differently.

 Subsequent topical classes (you must take the core class for all marked with an asterisk) are listed with expected dates below. I will send an email to describe the classes in fuller detail, which I can’t do here due to space restrictions).

     *Knowing Plants – March 29, 1:00-4:00    45.00

ethical foraging, id, wild food, medicine, dye, aromatics

    *Gardening with Nature’s Wisdom, Gardening with Woo – April 19, 1:00 – 4:00               45.00

              Biodynamics, giving back to nature, increasing bio-diversity, nature beings 

*Medicine Plants for Land, Wildlife and People –  April 26, 1:00 -4:00 45.00

              reading the medicines of the land, creating a medicinescape

Distilling Hydrosols – May

Making Flower Essences – June

Natural Dyeing & Eco-Printing  – July

The Aromatic Garden  – September

Introduction to Enfleurage  – November 







Refund Policy:

It takes considerable preparation to offer these knowledge & materials intensive classes.Therefore, class fees are non-refundable. Exceptions are a serious category of circumstances, TBD on a case per basis. You may, in some of these cases,  apply credit for class excepting materials fee, towards another class.  




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