well working digestive system is a foundation for good health! Here you’ll find our whole leaf & flower teas, plus aromatic bitters to support the inner alchemical workings of the digestive system.

Almost every ingredient comes directly from the lush, diverse Biodynamically cultivated Tender Flower gardens. The remainder, approximately 5 %, are sourced from small, certified organic farms in the US.

Most often bought herbals teas are made from chopped or “garbled” herbs, for the efficacy of storing and packaging, but to the detriment of color, flavor, beneficial constituents and shelf life. Instead, our teas are blended from vibrant, intact leaves, flowers and berries, preserving the goodness as long as possible. 

Bitters are mostly made using organic apple cider vinegar, as it is kinder to the digestive organs. Sometimes sediment collects. This is normal. 


*Disclaimer: Please exercise self- responsibility in using our products, and always consult a physician if at all in doubt. Tender flower is not responsible for misuse of its products.